Business Accounting in Monrovia, California

Keep your business finances in check by coming to our accountants in Monrovia, California. Whether you run a small family business or a large corporation, we help you keep accurate records.

Homeowner Association Accounting Services


One Stop Tax Accountancy provides a variety of services for your HOA. Allow us to eliminate the stress by maintaining and filing your financial records. Some of the services we offer are:

• Financial Reporting

• Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

• Billing & Accounts Receivable

• Financial planning and compliations

• Disscussion and negotiation with IRS for any tax issues


Corporate & Business Financial Review


Catch problems before they occur when we review your corporate and financial paperwork. We review papers on the basis of their original contribution to the field of corporate finance. Our professionals possess extensive experience to provide personalized management services.


At One Stop Tax Accountancy, we are a dedicated team that helps your business make fiscally responsible business decisions. We assist you in tracking your progress toward financial goals and making adjustments when necessary.

Tax & Payroll Services

Avoid the stress of financial and tax paperwork. Allow our accountants in Monrovia, California, to relieve your burden by providing complete tax and payroll services.

Tax Services


Achieve the best tax liability available within the confines of the law. The certified public accountants at One Stop Tax Accountancy prepare individual tax returns, corporate and small business tax returns, sales tax returns, and much more.


Payroll Services


Your payroll department will thank us when we provide complete payroll services.


Whether you need to lighten the load for your in-house team or you'd like to use us for payroll assistance, we are equipped to help your business. We process and manage your payroll on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


Additional Services

• Amended Tax Returns

• Business Consulting

• Business Services

• Fraud Investigations Business Valuations, Fraud Investigations

• Check Reconciliation

• Electronic Tax Filing

• Electronic Tax Filing

• Error Checking

• Estate Tax Returns

• Forensic Accounting

• International Accounting

• Nonprofit Organizations' Tax Returns
• Notary Services

• Prior Year Tax Returns
• Refund Estimates
• State Tax Returns
• Tax Consulting
• Trust Tax Returns

Contact us to schedule an appointment when you need professional and reliable accounting services.

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